All Program Requests are due to your CSI Program Manager for their approval by the “Submit to Program Manager Date.”

All finalized requests (including all necessary quotes, program manager approval, and group advisor approval) are due to the Finance Board by 5 p.m. on the “Paperwork Deadline,” unless otherwise specified.

Presentation dates are subject to change based on volume of requests.

Officers listed on the request form will receive an agenda with scheduled presentation time the night before the group’s scheduled presentation date.

Please include in the subject line the pool from which you are requesting, your organization’s name, and the event name (Example: Sept S- SGA- Speaker).

Please note that these deadlines are for the 2015 Fiscal Year(2014-2015 academic year):

Pool Size Submit to
Program Manager
Welcome Week Medium 6-Jun 11-Jun 18-Jun
Small 6-Jun 11-Jun 18-Jun
September Large 6-Jun 11-Jun 18-Jun
Medium 20-Jun 25-Jun 2-Jul
Small 27-Jun 2-Jul 9-Jul
October Large 6-Jun 11-Jun 18-Jun
Medium 18-Jul 23-Jul 30-Jul
Small 25-Jul 30-Jul 6-Aug
November Large 18-Jul 23-Jul 30-Jul
Medium 22-Aug 27-Aug 3-Sep
Small 29-Aug 3-Sep 10-Sep
December Large 22-Aug 27-Aug 3-Sep
Medium 19-Sep 24-Sep 1-Oct
Small 26-Sep 1-Oct 8-Oct
January Large 19-Sep 24-Sep 1-Oct
Medium 17-Oct 22-Oct 29-Oct
Small 24-Oct 29-Oct 5-Nov
February Large 17-Oct 22-Oct 29-Oct
Medium 7-Nov 12-Nov 19-Nov
Small 21-Nov 25-Nov 3-Dec
March Large 7-Nov 12-Nov 19-Nov
Medium 5-Jan 7-Jan 14-Jan
Small 5-Jan 7-Jan 14-Jan
April Large 5-Jan 7-Jan 14-Jan
Medium 16-Jan 21-Jan 28-Jan
Small 23-Jan 28-Jan 4-Feb
Summer All 20-Feb 25-Feb 4-Mar
Major Events 13-Mar 18-Mar 25-Mar
Annual Budgets 6-Mar 11-Mar 18-Mar, 25-Mar
Fall Publications 1-Aug 6-Aug 13-Aug
Spring Publications 31-Oct 5-Nov 12-Nov