The Executive Cabinet serves as the executive branch of the Association, implementing and executing the will of the Senate through its legislation, in addition to coordinating the day-to-day affairs of the Association. The Cabinet is composed of the Executive Board, a deliberative body of seven officers, as well as two additional officers.

Executive Board:

Student Body President (current officeholder: Elliot Horen):

    • Chief Executive Officer of the Association;
    • Spokesperson for the Student Body;
    • Chairs the Executive Board;
    • Approves or Vetos Senate Legislation;
    • Nominates Justices for the Operational Appeals Board, a Chief of Staff, and a Parliamentarian;
    • Evaluates the Performance of other Association officers;
    • Facilitates student involvement in University’s Funding Priorities Process.

Vice President for Academic Affairs (current officeholder: Zachary Waggoner):

      • Chairs the Academic Affairs Committee;
      • Addresses issues within the areas of curriculum, experiential education, libraries, classroom facilities, career services, the honors program and undergraduate research;
      • Act as a liaison to the Faculty Senate and Provost’s Office.

Vice President for Student Affairs (current officeholder: Alex Bender):

      • Chairs the Student Affairs Committee;
      • Addresses issues within the areas of athletics, inclusion and diversity, student conduct, arts, residential life, off-campus life, alcohol and drug education, and international students;
      • Act as a liaison to the appropriate offices with respect to the student code of conduct

Vice President for Student Involvement (current officeholder: Nick Haberli):

      • Chairs the Student Involvement Board;
      • Addresses issues within the areas of new student organizations and student organization constitutions;
      • Oversees student organization office space allocation;
      • Acts as a resource to student organizations.

Chief of Staff (current officeholder: Becca Raffo):

      • Assists the President and Executive Vice President in the administration of the Association;
      • Manages the Association’s roster;
      • Serves as the Association’s treasurer;
      • Manages all Association financial documents;
      • Coordinates Association member recruitment, retention and development.



Executive Vice President (current officeholder: Suchira Sharma):

      • Presiding officer of the Senate
      • Assumes Presidency in the event of a vacancy;
      • Oversees communications and events, and nominates an Executive Director of Communications to enact these goals;
      • Oversees Association fundraising, archives, and alumni relations;
      • Serves as project manager for the Executive Cabinet.

Comptroller (current officeholder: Draken DuBose):

      • Chairs the Finance Board;
      • Official Spokesperson of the Finance Board;
      • Nominate students to seats on the Finance Board subject to Executive Board confirmation;
      • Carry out the day-to-day administrative duties associated with the allocation of the Student Activity Fee (SAF)

Vice President for Student Services (current officeholder: Paulina Ruiz):

      • Chairs the Student Services Committee;
      • Chairs (or nominates a designee to chair) the Renewable Energy Initiatives Board;
      • Addresses issues within the areas of dining, information services, facilities, housing, health services, public saftey, financial services, campus rec, renewable energy and the Student Center.

Executive Director of Communications (current officeholder: Akiera Gilbert):

    • Chairs the Communications and Events Committee;
    • Acts as an official point of contact for outside student media and the student body in relation to Association projects and initiatives;
    • Creates and maintains promotional materials and initiatives for the Association;
    • Plans and executes Association events.